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Sarthak Seal Protect Your Value High Security Seals " Sarthak Seal High Security Products ".

Bolt Seal OTL-01

Sarthak Seal offers various types of fixed length, plastic security seals such as the Plastic Truck Seal and tote seals designed to protect tote boxes as well as a wide range of other applications.

Plastic Seal SS01

A variety of Plastic Seals are available to meet your sealing needs. Most Plastic Security Seals are for one-time use and are effective for indicating tampering or attempted tampering of shipments.

Full Tight Seal (SS03)

Today Pilferage & theft of utilities are not only local or national problems but they are international problems. Million of Dollars are lost due to theft by means of Pilferage.

Welcome to Sarthak Seal Constracting Est.

Sarthak Seal have solved some of the most common and case-specific complex sealing troubles enterprise has to offer. Tolerating ¼” and extra of diametric runout, Sarthak Seal eliminate the problems usually associated with traditional pump seals, mechanical packing and lip seals.Sarthak Seal are custom-engineered to every application, ensuring that the first-rate mixture of substances and plan grant the most positive sealing solution. Sarthak Seal fashions correctly seal dry powders, bulk materials, pastes, slurries, beverages and vapors, along with aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • Drive Mechanisms
  • Seal Face Material Combinations
  • Seal Face Loading or Balancing
  • Barrier/Quench Controls

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